giovedì 27 dicembre 2012

from El Solitario headquarter

After a full throttle building season El Solitario MC crew was in need of some month of rest to recharge the batteries of creativity.
Now they're ready to go back on a project they left behind some time ago: the PETARDO.
Can't wait to see this bad Ducati hittin' the road!
Cheers everybody ESMC bandidos!!

FRANK strikes again!!

Frank sent me this exsclusive shots of his latest build: the #05#P.J.
Starting from a R65 he built this rad scrambler.
If you wanna see more, Frank's world is here-----> MOTOSUMISURA
Grazie Frank e complimenti: è 'na bellezza!!!!

mercoledì 19 dicembre 2012

fumer c'est KOOL

Team Owner/Manager: Chris Waterman.
Bike’s nick name: “Big Bertha”. Spare bike: “Vickey”.
Sponsors: Kawasaki France, Kool, KVAS, Michelin, Elf, raced under EURAC banner.
Riden by: C. Berthod, J. Monnin, R. Cibille.
Victories: 1st Barcelona, 2nd Bol dor, 4th Overall in World Championship.

via RedLine - CoC