mercoledì 26 giugno 2013

Laverda 1000 V6

Born in 1977 the Laverda 1000 V6 was meant to challenge Japanese bikes in the world endurance races and to test the new technical solutions for the stock production of the 80's.
140 CV at 10000 rpm and a top speed of 278 Km/h meant huge performance for those days; several track tests showed that the bike  was fast as hell but the rear suspension geometry and the cardan shat-drive were the wrong choice to handle all the power.
In the 1978  the V6 raced in the European Endurance Championship, the Bol d'Or; the bike entered its natural environment and the Laverda team was determined to improve the bike to make it run better and faster.
Unfortunately the next year Laverda stopped the development of this great bike due to financial reasons, nevertheless this bike will remain one of the highest peaks of the italian motorcycle engineering.
Photo courtesy of  MOTOCICLISMO 

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