sabato 5 novembre 2011

Bart Markel

"Bart Markel won the AMA Grand National Championship three times during the 1960s. His final national win in Columbus, Ohio, on June 27, 1971, marked his 28th career AMA national victory. That victory broke the record for most wins, previously held by Joe Leonard at 27. Markel's record of 28 Grand National wins held until 1982, when Jay Springsteen earned his 29th victory at the Houston Astrodome.
From 1958 until he retired from racing in 1972, Markel competed in more than 140 AMA Grand National Series races. When inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 1998, Markel's 28 wins placed him seventh on the all-time win list. He is still considered one of the best riders in the history of AMA racing."

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