giovedì 24 maggio 2012

"Mad" Max Bubeck & his Indian Chout

Max Bubeck made a name for himself dominating the enduro scene from the '30s to the '70s. He was also a speed racer and a builder. In June of 1948 he rode his Indian "Chout" (an Indian Chief 80 c.i. engine jammed into the smaller and  lighter Scout frame) to a record speed of 135.58 mph on the Rosamond Dry Lake near Los Angeles. It's a record that still stands for unsteamlined, normally aspirated 80 cubic inch displacement Indian motorcycle.

Another Bubeck's popular win came in 1950 aboard the Indian Warrior. That year he took part at the Cactus Derby: a long distance desert race in Riverside, California. The race was pretty unique 'cause it started at midnight. That year Bubeck's bike lost its lighting barely an hour into the race, he continued racing with other riders using their lights, a few times he lost touch with the others and rode in complete darkness. Despite the lighting issues and ridin' a supposedly uncompetitive bike he managed to win the event!!! 

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  1. ..when sex was safe and motorcycles were dangerous! ;-)