sabato 2 giugno 2012

El Solitario MC, LA SAL DEL DIABLO! & The Impossible Team

In January had the pleasure to meet all the crew from EL SOLITARIO MC, thay are party animals and we had great time together. Chatting with David told him how much I love his '69 TRIUMPH and he answered me that in those days it was lying totally disassembled 'cause there was a top secret special plan for it......Some month after I discovered what was the plan: BONNEVILLE!!! A team of 3 men: David Borras (EL SOLITARIO MC) Vincent Prat (SOUTHSIDERS MC) & Jr. Ortega ( GOODforRETRO ) joined forces and under the name of IMPOSSIBLE TEAM this Summer they will try to meet their destiny on one of those places they have venereed for years: Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats. The Speed Week is coming closer and the pressure is on: it's time for the final touches on the Triumph, "la sal del diablo" is its new name and Nicolai Sclater from ORNAMENTAL CONIFER put some art on the new black dress. You may support the team purchasing the limited edition T-shirt designed by the great MAXWELL PATERNOSTER, it's for sale HERE.
David, the salt is waiting for you: MAS COJONES !!! GO FAAAAAAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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