venerdì 15 giugno 2012


Sunday was a great day with all the off-road gang, after a fine bbq we hit a local track. Had the chance to ride a 1981 KTM 250. It was the only old bike in the pit, after some chatting with the owner he got my vintage bike addiction and told me: "you gotta try it, it will test you!!" and it did: almost zero brakes, suspensions hard as a rock and the engine was a true two stroke beast!! After 15 minutes on the track I was totally exhausted and happy as a kid @ Christmas. 
Gettin' off that sweet 80's machine and gettin' on my 400 again  I felt like being into a time machine: 30 years of KTM evolution in less than 1 minute......COOL! = )
A big thank's to Barbara for all these shots and for making my riding look better then it was. 

5 commenti:

  1. Great pics indeed!Looks like fun!

  2. Gran Moto, ingestibile a confronto di quelle di ora.

    ...."On any Sunday"

    Complimenti per il blog!


  3. @ Ale: una bestiaccia da domare ! = )

  4. @ Ruud: had to find something funny to entertain me,I was sad for not being @ Bottrop!!
    Did you have good time there my friend?

  5. AAh friend,you mist a good party!We had good weather,good talks and fun!The show was great,seen allot of great rides.So put it in your agenda:1 june 2013 BOTTROP!You wont regrad it!