martedì 8 gennaio 2013

from Indonesia: RIZKY's HEMI FXR

I came across Rizky Mandra and his killer FXR on Instagram, I asked him some info and more pix of the bike.
Here is the mail he sent me:

Dear Corrado,
Greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia.
 As you requested, here are some pictures of my HEMI FXR, built by Veroland from Kickass Choppers (@kickasschoppers /
 It's fitted with Quantum 4-Valve Heads, twin S&S Super Es, House of Horsepower Magneto, and Carlini Torque Arm.
 Hope you enjoy it..
 Warm regards,
Rizky Mandra

Do I enjoy it ?? I LOVE IT!!!
Thank you very much Rizky for sharing with us your rad bike.

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